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John Tzanakos.


My fascination with naturopathy and understanding how the body works started at a tender age of 11. After getting sick with a children’s illness I was given a choice to either fight it naturally or simply take medicine and antibiotics as my sibling had done just before. I chose the natural path and it forever changed my lifestyle since. But that was my journey and may not necessarily be the same for yours.

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Even though not one myself, have closely worked with some of the best Doctors, Physiotherapists, medical centres and spas exploring every field of health, wellness, prevention and cure for over 20yrs now.


Hoping my personal journey and experience may assist and inspire.


Nothing is more important than our health and wellness, which is so much more difficult to regain if lost.  


The sooner we understand this and start doing something about it, the better.

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The theory:


Observation is the ability to look deep at any given situation, zoom into it yet simultaneously also zoom out of it.


 Get the bigger picture. 


The whole picture. 


The holistic approach.


Then break it down, to examine every possible angle, finding the root cause and dealing with it the best possible way.


We live in a fast paced world, our lifestyles have to adapt to this. Sometimes neglecting basic health principles, is the consequence. Loosing balance is imminent. 


Today opinions and options are plentiful. There are so many ways/options/products that claim to regain optimal health. 


There is no absolute right or absolute wrong way to go about it. Everyone’s case is different.  Everyone’s individual story, background, circumstances, abilities and goals have to be taken into account. 


That’s what a good health coach does.


 They guide and show you how to best do certain things according to your individual needs, after carefully considering all aspects of your individual case, story, and then breaking down all the given information, getting to the full picture, then making mere subtle suggestions after discussingit with you.

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We are constantly bombarded with opinions: go vegan, palio, keto, fasting, strict diets, supplements,  no supplements,  alternative treatments or classic medical medicines, vaccinate or don’t…


Which one is right for you?


Only by first breaking down and analysing what the individual actually needs/wants/can achieve within their unique situation, can we find out. 


Then the rest of your health journey is up to you. 


The more you will put in to it, the more you will get out.


Complete commitment, acquiring acurate  knowledge, full understanding of what’s required, a well premeditated path chosen, decisive action taken, consistency, discipline, willing to stick to it, 


Is how you achieve desired results. 


This all will be up to you.


A coach can show you the right door leading to a path, but you will have to walk through it. Till it becomes your own.


 A lifestyle. 


Your very own custom built and maintained lifestyle. 


Constantly adapting, adjusting and improving along the way.


This is what health & wellness coaching can do for you.

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The Philosophy:


– The 7 doctors to visit everyday.


–  You are what you eat


–  Prevention is better than cure.


–  If lost so much harder to regain. 


–  Less is more.


–  What you put in is what you get out.


–  The laconic approach.


–  Building healthy habits and routines 


–  Consistency is key


All this will be explained in depth on the video once you subscribe.


What to expect.


After a detailed, thorough examination into your history the health coach can help show you how to figure out the best possible path to optimal health tailored to your individual case.


Then YOU will have to want to walk through it to reach your goal.


Im not a doctor. 


I will never tell you to start or stop:


 seeing one, stop meditation,  therapy, tests, specific diets, or huge unrealistic life changes.


But together we will figure out the best possible options how to best  ‘fit’ all that you are already doing, or within your reach and/or around you, in the best possible way, at a steady doable pace, while aiming for reachable, optimal results tailored to your specific needs, thus building a lifestyle idealy suited for you.


Your own:






 ability to change/adapt, 




energy and 


hard work


 is what’s going to get you there.


Let us begin.


How to start.


Once you sign up and subscribe you will watch a short video.


Fill in the questionnaire form for a  detailed description of your history so far and expected goals.


Then we will set a virtual meeting for an online 1 on 1 conference and figure out how to best start your journey one step at a time..


And that’s it.


Every great journey begins with one small step


Look forward to assist you begin yours…


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