I understand that ALL IN MODERATION (A.I.M) is an online health coaching service and does not provide medical diagnosis or any medical service. Any decision to follow through with this service is my own decision and I understand in doing so, this service is NOT becoming my primary care physician. If at any point I suspect I need further medical intervention, I understand I should consult my physician and it is THEIR sole responsibility to make any adjustments on prescribed medication and ALL medical care.
I understand that I am here to learn about natural health and better lifestyle practices and I will be offered information about food supplemets and herbs as a guide to general health.
I understand that I should continue to see any medical doctors I am currently under the care of, and that any prescribed medications should not be altered without first consulting the physician who recommended it.
I fully understand that those who councel me are not medical doctors, medical practitioners, licenced nutrionalists, or licenced naturopaths. I am not here for any medical diagnostic purposes or treatment procedures.
Information about the traditional uses of supplements that may create a healthy balance in the body may be discussed. This is not intended to be interpreted as a subtitute for a licenced physician’s treatment. Nothing said, done, typed, printed, or reproduced by this service is intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or take the place of a licenced physician. The intent is to provide educational information for the purpose of assisting with lifestyle choices that may be helpful to regain and maintain an environment needed to produce a healthy balanced body.
I am not visiting this site/service, or any subsequent visit, acting as an agent for the federal, state, country, local law enforcement or news media on a mission of entrapment or invistigation.
I understand that all information and conversations will be kept confidential and acknowledge there can be no refunds for services rendered or if expired from the specified time frame unless otherwise agreed apon.
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